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Uploaded DBK, AAPL pics of volsurface fits today. Aggregated fitting pics in their own folder.
"Trading realised variance using listed vanillas" recently published - see more and download here
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End of Year Summary 2015

Late, and mercifully short. 

Growing nicely

Our business has grown considerably in 2015- in particular, Adam Latchem has joined us full time as our Lead Technologist. Because of his vast experience and skillset, this is a game changer for EQF: suffice it to say that development of serious new features and capabilities is well under way.

The relationship with our top customer, the exotic trading and structured product desk of a very well known US investment bank, has been very successful and has grown remarkably: we look forward to continue growing together.

We think it confirms that our approach of "small, niche, and high quality" can deliver better solutions than much larger competitors - even when they offer huge discounts.

We don't have bad news to report this time, so if you're looking for something to worry about I recommend looking into the trend of the open interest of listed derivatives and similar volume indicators, then fret over its possible impact on the pricing of structured products. Only half-joking, happy to discuss over a drink if you want.

I should now give the long list of major technical improvements, new features, new models that we have introduced, but I'll leave it for one-to-one discussions with those of you who might be interested.

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