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Uploaded DBK, AAPL pics of volsurface fits today. Aggregated fitting pics in their own folder.
"Trading realised variance using listed vanillas" recently published - see more and download here
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About Us

EQF specialises in equity derivatives, delivering the quantitative solutions needed for pricing, valuation, trading and risk management, ranging from vanilla options to complex OTC exotics and structured products.

We are "niche": our goal is to provide institutions with high quality, elegant and cost effective solutions, without the need for a heavy infrastructure or overhead.

We have distilled our decades of experience on major sell-side trading-floors into our software solutions. We provide our clients with practical and unique features, allowing them to focus on accurate market price calibrations, scenario modelling and stress analysis.

EQF was founded in 2009 by Alberto Cherubini, one time nuclear-fusion physicist, more recently Head of Equity Derivatives Exotic Trading at Citigroup and contract professor in Equity Derivatives at the University of Bologna. 

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